The advantage of the internet is that most of the information you will ever need, is at the end of a few hyperlinks. The sheer volume of information available is beyond imagination.

Unfortunately finding it can often be a bit of a problem. That's why this section: links to tools, tutorials, etc.. If you have found an excellent link related to design you want me to add, just contact me. This way you can assist your fellow web designers.


Krunchit: Free online tool to zip and or unzip.
KrunchIt is a free an online service that enables you to compress and uncompress files via the web instead of your desktop.
University Computing Service useful links
lists a whole bunch of useful links on various fields: CSS,HTML,....
Site Resolution Checker/Viewer
Allows you to view your site in up to seven different screen resolutions with or without menus and toolbars, etc. All windows have scrollbars enabled. Your goal should be to not have any horizontal scrollbars.
A generator that automatically creates graphic web page designs. It generates randomly designs so you'll never see the same thing twice. You can use the design for your own page. If you ever are out of idea's .... here's your salvation.
Web Page Analyzer
Calculates page size, composition, and download time. It calculates the size of individual elements and finds the total for each type of web page component. Based on these page characteristics, the analyzer then offers advice on how to improve page display time.
Web Accessibility Tool
Free on-line website accessibility tool. Accessibility check, check how your web pages might look on other browsers and operating systems, or check your web pages for superceded HTML code.

Css Tools

The ultimate CSS Editor / HTML Editor / XHTML Editor for Windows. Written by Nick Bradbury, creator of HomeSite, TopStyle contains powerful tools for building standards-compliant sites. It is simply put the best you can get to edit and make Css code.
Browser Cam
Creates screen captures of your web pages loaded in any browser, and on any operating system, so you'll be 100% sure your web pages look good-and work right-on any platform.
Deja Vu
More or less the same as Browser Cam but this shows your pages in old, and i mean old, browsers (IE 2.0; Netscape Navigator 1.0,...).
Browser Archive
One of the founding members of has made an archive stuffed with all possible browsers for you to download. A must for all you designers to test your pages. You can get it at
Ever wondered what a particularly complex CSS selector really means? Here's your chance to find out! SelectORacle will translate it for you in "plain" English (or Spanish if you prefer). Best of all, it will flag potential errors and other problems, and it won't choke on any actual rules.

CSS Tutorials, references ....

Designing Columns
many useful cross-browser CSS layout techniques using columns.
no tables, no positioning
a tableless, CSS-based, liquid, three-column layout.
some more columns.


an excellent tut in how CSS positioning works.
also a good tutorial in CSS positioning.
Webreference, Part II
the second part.
Position is Everything
Need i say more?
Floatutorial takes you through the basics of floating elements such as images, drop caps, next and back buttons, image galleries, inline lists and multi-column layouts.

General tutorials

all kinds of tutorials.
Rich in Style
basic and advanced tutorials using CSS2.
excellent tutorial.
Nemesis Project
a collection of tutorials.


W3C Specifications
the official standards.
Eric Meyer
number one Css guru.
Browser support charts
these charts detail browser support for the CSS1 specification as well as portions of CSS2.
Browser panic guide
need to know something about bugs?
Bugs and Workarounds
bugs and how to workaround them.
Cascading Style Sheets Selected Internet Resources
a fine selection of CSS resources.
CSS Vault: The Web's CSS Site
A collection of CSS resources and CSS sites that help to inspire and teach every designer.
Style Sheets
Another huge collection of CSS resources and CSS sites. 187 sites and counting.
Index Dot
Another huge collection of CSS resources and CSS sites.

General Webdesign

Free Templates
This site provides all kinds of free web page templates which are nice looking, professional and can be used for personal and business websites.

Some more scribbles for you to look at.

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